SMTown Indonesia PressCon

Its 23 September! Yesterday was a BIG EVENT all around the world. SMTown has been held in Jakarta! Suju, SHINee, SNSD, f(x), EXO-K, EXO-M, BoA, Kangta, and TVXQ were visiting Indonesia.

I wanna share about Leeteuk PressCon. Well, I don’t share about Donghae because there’s only one member who shall telling to public about SMTown World Tour III.

Check this out!



There are the empty chairs.


Leeteuk sat beside Victoria. He was on the center.






Leeteuk said, “selamat sore.. Assalamu’alaikum.. Nama saya Eeteuk.. Saya suka Indonesia gadis.” Well, Leeteuk said ‘selamat sore’ while the other were saying ‘selamat malam’. Only Leeteuk who said “assalamu’alaikum.” And only Leeteuk who said “saya suka Indonesia gadis” I think Leeteuk should stay in Indonesia for a while. Lmao.

credits: Sup3rJunior



Dear Lee Donghae

Bonjour! Sekedar sharing aja ya. Aku punya surat kecil untuk Donghae tapi, bukan untuk Tuhan :p

Dear Lee Donghae,

Hi, Donghae Oppa, I’m your little Fishy —umm, well, you may can say I’m your unimportant Fishy.

 Firstly, I just wanna send this little letter by my deepest heart, you might think I’m little annoying but let me tell you who I am and what I wanna say.

Well, I’ve so much idols —just FYI, included you. To be honest, you’re my favorite idol. You’re … cool, HAEndsome, good dancer —of course Hyukkie the best^^ hihi, and you’re sexy, free and single! xD

If there’s the reason why you’re my favorite, then I’ve another reasons why I loved you more than I do with my another idols.

First, you’re my booster. Maybe you’ll never supposed it, but its real. You’re the one who booster me up to treating my parents well :”) —I don’t mean to make you sad, promise. Honestly, because of you, now I’m realize; my parents are the best peoples who stay loving me whatever I am. Thanks so much, Oppa J

Umm …, thanks a lot, actually I’ve so much to say for you, too much I think. But I can’t explain it one by one cause it’ll takes toooooo much papers. I hope I can see you for real and I can take a picture with you. That would make my life complete J

I would feel so happy and feeling so lucky if you don’t mind to reply it even though it just “thanks.” That’ll so worth for me.


Warm regards,
Your little admirer


Hana Annida 

Sering aku berharap bisa ngirim tuh surat. Tapi kemungkinan bisanya sangat sedikit… :”)