Selingan Siang


A British man came to Sheikh and asked;

“Why is it not permissible in Islam for women to shake hands with a man?”

The Sheikh said;

“Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?”

British man said;

“Of course no, they are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth.”

Sheikh replied;

“Our women are queens and queens do not shake hands with strange men.”

Then the British man asked the Sheikh;

“Why do your girls cover up their body and hair?”

The Sheikh smiled and got two sweets, he opened the first one and kept the other one closed. He threw them both on dusty floor and asked the British;

“If I ask you to take one of the sweets, which one will you choose?”

The British replied;

“The covered one”

The Sheikh said;

“That’s how we treat and see our woman”


Today is 21st December 2012

Hello! Today is 21st December 2012. Yeah, I put those to title this post because those made me remember about a movie which told me if today is the end of world. Lol. And until now, nothing happened as they said to.

I opened up my window and see the sunlight at the east. Well, this is the first reason why I don’t believe with Mayans’ predictions. You and I shall know if sun would rise at the west when ‘the end of the world’ begins.

Second, there’s no giant reptiles at all. My lizard still small and running away on the wall as usual. Third, I don’t see dajjals no more.

Well, do you still believe with those predictions? Just to let you know, Al Qur’an knows everything more than Mayans. Allah had given Al Qur’an to direction for us. =))

So today, I yell “I AM STILL ALIVE”