“I don’t even know what’s your relationship stands for anymore,” she started to talk, keep staring at him.
He didn’t move either, without saying any words. They both exchanged glances. A mysterius glace, actually.
“When we were together, I felt like I wasn’t who I should be,” she continued, reminiscing all the moments they’d spent together. “Even though we were in relationship, I felt like I’ve barely known you.”
“What are you talking about?” He asked, a bit surprisingly.
“Look, I’ve been knowing you since last year, we did spend times together,” she explained with a visual gesture. “But I’ve never known your real name. I’ve barely known your name yesterday. Isn’t that ironic?” She felt like her hearts broke into pieces, remembering how pathetic is her story. “And I’m pretty sure you didn’t know my real name, neither.”
He didn’t answer, trying to stay strong, but his face couldn’t lie.
“I’m so sorry, but it doesn’t work anymore,” she hugged him thightly, a farewell hug. “I have to go now, I wish this wouldn’t bother our friendship,” she said as she hugged him. “Good bye.” She let herself go.
He didn’t even move at all, seeing his girl walked away without a single word. He felt like he was too afraid to answer. So this is what’s happening. The end of their relationship.