“We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls, gets broken” -Taylor Swift

Absolutely true.



Thank you for everything. ‘Everything’ in this case means ‘nothing’. Yeah, you have acknowledged it, all which we’ve been through together are NOTHING. And it makes me realize, liar grows up so well. Yeah, that’s you.

You just show your REAL personalities after 23 months. That’s absolutely so funny. And just to keep in your mind, karma does exist. Let’s we see, who’ll be getting karma first. You or me. And I’m warning you, I’ll be sitting here and watching you swallow your pride and regret for that time, just like Taylor Swift did to Taylor Lautner.

It’s 2013 and I’ll never make the same mistake. So, sorry if you think I’ll beg you for one last chance. I’LL NEVER DO THAT. So, that’s not my fault if I prefer listen Warzone, I Knew You Were Trouble, and Heart Attack nowadays.

And we’re gonna see who’ll the winner, the champion of your stupid declaration. And remember, you’re gonna hear me roar as loud as lion.